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PALS® Platinum Electrodes

PALS® Platinum Electrodes (8)

Muscle Stimulation and TENS Electrodes with MultiStick® Gel

Patented conductive cloth provides the ultimate in flexibility and conformity. The impedance compensation system ensures optimal current distribution. Patented dual layer MultiStick® hydrogel provides comfort and optimizes multiple applications to the skin.

PALS® Platinum Blue Electrodes

PALS® Platinum Blue Electrodes (2)

Blue for Sensitive Skin

PALS® Platinum Blue Electrodes are the best gel choice for extremely sensitive skin. They are designed for TENS and muscle stimulation applications. These electrodes are idea for hairy areas for their ability to reach down to the skin.

PALS® Clinical Electrodes

PALS® Clinical Electrodes (2)

... with DermaFlow® Hydrogel

The protective and durable soft foam cover extends beyond the DermaFlow gel. The patented Stainless Steel Knit Fabric is completely surrounded by the DermaFlow gel. With its advanced formulation, the patented DermaFlow Gel provides more gel volume and optimizes skin contact and patient comfort. 

UltraStim® Electrodes

UltraStim® Electrodes (12)

Stimulation Comfort ...

The innovative design of UltraStim® WIRE Electrodes enhances patient stimulation comfort. The proprietary silver mixture and grid pattern produce the desired current control across the surface. The areas within the lines of the silver grid pattern are calculated to provide optimum current control.

ValuTrode® Electrodes

ValuTrode® Electrodes (11)

An Effective and Comfortable Electrode You Can Rely on to Perform

ValuTrode® LITE Electrode’s new design maximizes flexibility to ensure conformity and comfort. The innovative anti-lift adhesive rim gently adheres to the skin to reduce edge roll-up and assure skin contact. The advanced MultiStick® Gel used on the ValuTrode® LITE is electrically matched to the conductive film for stimulation comfort.

Little PALS® Electrodes

Little PALS® Electrodes (4)

A Revolutionary Advance in Neonatal and ECG Monitoring

These electrodes provide the adhesion, pliability, and sensitivity to meet the needs of nursing staff and patient alike. Designed for EMG and ECG applications with increased resistance to heat, humidity, and dry-out conditions.

Ionto480® Electrodes

Ionto480® Electrodes (1)

A Scientific Blend of Materials for Optimum Comfort during Treatment

Soft foam backing conforms to body contours. Drug delivery pad with convenient fill hole makes medication    application easy. Buffered Return Electrode with patented gel creates a stable environment to prevent skin irritation and burns. Each individually wrapped kit contains one active drug delivery electrode, one buffered return electrode, and two alcohol swabs.